DappleWorks is a cloud based business management solution that helps you run your entire business. Easily manage your business through a user friendly web interface - integrating your sales, vendors, customers, inventory, accounting and finance.

DappleWorks is highly secured and provides multi-user, role based access controls. It has a built-in approval flow and localized templates for accounting and HR. Watch our introduction video or try our solution by clicking on Sandbox.

If you are an accountant, bookkeeper or any type of financial advisor and practitioner, inquire about our reseller or white-label programs. We provide attractive packages for you and your organization.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to access and manage their personal data with integrated leave and claims workflow

Order Management

Online invoicing ensures fulfilment of every sales order and visibility into the sales process

Accounting and Finance

Streamline and automate processes with integrated accounting and finance management modules

Contact Management

Build a profile and access up-to date information of your customers and clients


Auto inventory tracking allows for accurate reporting on your stocks and inventory list at all times

Dashboard and Reporting

Get an overview of your business health such as sales revenue, bank balances and recent transactions

GST Compliant Solution

Figure 1: Sample GST Report (Output,Input,Zero-Rated and Non-Claimable)

Figure 2: Sample GST Summary

DappleWorks is a GST ready solution; a gateway to your localized GST implementation. We have simplified GST tax settings whereby users are able to set input and out tax correctly to its code and linked accounts. Users are also able to further define tax types such as Import Tax, Export Tax and Blocked Tax.

DappleWorks provides a GST Summary Report that summarizes tax movements, dates, accounts, invoices, tax amounts and total transaction values. This report includes an accurate list of Output Taxes, Input Taxes, Zero-Rated Taxes and Non-Claimable Taxes in separate sections.

DappleWorks auto-calculates tax values enabling users to check journal entries as well as GST reports at real time.

For Malaysian accounts, DappleWorks summarizes crucial information related to the GST-03 Form, which closely follows the standardized format supplied by the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC). This makes it easier for users to submit their GST-03 reports according to the predetermined reporting period.